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Who We Are

CBK Holdings Corporation is a company dedicated to helping our clients and prospects locate the right investment property to fit their goals. We specialize in connecting investors and their property inventory with other real estate professionals and their property inventories. 

Our Mission

We look forward to working with people from all nationalities within the United States and Internationally. Our goal and mission is to provide our clients and partners with the necessary tools, resources and data base to help them   achieve their goals in locating the right  investment property acquisition and crowd funding source. We believe in the fundamental principles when it comes to investing in real estate.

Our Vision

CBK Holdings Corporation seeks to provide you with the best possible service and business ethics. We look forward to working with our existing clients and prospects now and well into the future. Furthermore, we see things in a much better time and space now more than ever before and thrive to make this world a better place to live.

Our Team

Our Experienced Team Is Here To Help

Al Potts

Property Manager

Over 20 years experience.

Betsy Wiilaims

Location specialist

Over 15 years experience in property acquistions.

Mary Gamble 

Sr. Leasing Agent

Over 30 years in the real estate sector.

Business Partners

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